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Our office was established in the year 1971 by Late Shri Mahaveer Chand Mehta & their elder brother Late Shri Shiv Raj Mehta as a venture to navigate the various regimes of the profession. The firm gradually yet steadily expanded into unchartered domains and today has multiple offerings in the fields of taxation, legal, finance, audit, management consulting. Taking more people on board has added to our strength and capacity over time. Consistent performance, specialization, efficiency, personalised services, teamwork and value for money are duly appreciated by all our stakeholders.

The growth of the firm over the years has been substantial and ever increasing. Recognizing shifts and quick changes in the functioning and modalities of businesses and industries, we innovate ways to deliver value and develop enduring links. Pursuing excellence doggedly while committing to our ethos remains central to our endeavours. We are sensitive to the needs of those who entrust us with responsibilities. The seamless blend of variegated skills is reflected in our performance. Each assignment is given due attention.


MCM FINTAX, is the brainchild of Shri Vivek Mehta S/o Late Shri Mahaveer Chand Mehta who is carrying on the 50-year long legacy bestowed upon his shoulders. His vision is to take the firm to new heights in the field of financial management & taxation whilst maintaining an objectivity that gives assurance to all stakeholders in the internal and external environment.

We continuously strive to work towards defining this relationship to be different, different in terms of the cohesion that you will see in auditing your operations; different in terms of your systems, policies and procedures; and different in terms of the team, who are enthusiastic to work with you and bring ideas that might benefit your business and deliver on the degree of professionalism and knowledge, sector and technical that you expect from us. We focus on providing value-added services aimed at creating a strong competitive advantage for our clients in a rapidly changing market place.


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